Guest Speakers in the E-book

Learn from these experts:
Chad Brustin

Finfare, Director of Information Security

Chris Herd

Firstbase, CEO

Austinn Thurber

Firstbase - Systems Engineer


Advancing IT Operations: Expanding Zero-Touch Management

Zero-touch IT environments are considered the gold standard of IT environments, yet device provisioning and asset management can pose challenges beyond the scope of MDM solutions

This e-book details how to extend the power of JAMF, Kandji, JumpCloud, and/or Intune by focusing on the first touch point from procuring a device until the time your employees receive their new device.

Topics Covered in E-Book

  1. The Value of Zero-Touch IT Environments:
    • Overcoming challenges beyond traditional MDM solutions.
    • Demonstrating IT value and impact within the organization.
  2. Modern IT Logistics:
    • Adapting to remote work and global talent distribution.
    • Addressing increased complexity in IT logistics and equipment lifecycle.
  3. Provisioning Challenges in 2024 and Beyond:
    • Inefficiency of manual provisioning.
    • Poor scalability for international teams.
    • Security risks associated with manual processes.
  4. Zero-Touch IT Environments:
    • Automating the entire equipment lifecycle.
    • Enhancing efficiency, scalability, and security.
    • Providing comprehensive data for better reporting and decision-making
  5. Firstbase's Solution:
    • Integrated SaaS platform with a global physical operations engine.
    • Comprehensive equipment management from onboarding to offboarding.
    • Enhanced physical and data security measures.
    • Support for globally distributed teams.