Webinar: Transforming End-User Computing for the Remote Work Era


According to Gartner, organizations that effectively manage their remote workforce will realize revenue growth 25% faster than competitors by 2023.

In this context, IT end-user computing is at a critical juncture. Working from anywhere dramatically increases the complexity of equipping workers, even as the HR pressure to deliver great employee experiences rises. Meanwhile, far from growing, IT teams are challenged to retain their existing talent. Solving this conundrum requires a transformational approach. Watch this video to learn:

  • How and why end-user computing service delivery breaks in the face of work-from-anywhere.
  • Why the employee experience is a non-negotiable priority for IT and HR leaders.
  • The costs and risks of sticking with legacy, office-centric processes.
  • Why a holistic and full lifecycle approach is a necessity for success in equipping remote workers -How a modern cloud platform approach transforms end-user computing, freeing IT to transform itself.