Webinar: Beyond Great Onboarding: How IT Empowers Optimal Employee Experiences

According to Gartner, workforce issues rose to an unprecedented third place in CEO's top 10 strategic business priority areas for 2022-2023. And no wonder, with the astronomical rise of remote work and the cultural shift towards worker flexibility coming on the heels of a hugely disruptive pandemic that saw office space occupancy rates plummet.

As a result, while employee experience has always been a focus for HR, it is now a strategic priority for CIOs and IT organizations. In this webinar, we'll explore the role that IT plays in delivering and sustaining optimal employee experience:

  • Where workforce concerns should place in the IT priority stack.
  • Why great onboarding is critical, but only the beginning.
  • Key IT elements for delivering great employee experiences.
  • The challenge of dealing with physical equipment issues in a world of remote work and digital expectations, and how to solve that challenge.